White label video chat for apps and websites

Secure, polished, and ready in minutes.


Uplink Video allows you to add reliable, polished, and secure video chat to your app or website in minutes with matching branding.

Reliable & Secure

Designed to handle internet connections and devices of varying quality without losing the call. Enforce end to end encryption and peer to peer calling when desired.

Rooms On Demand

Create video chat rooms on demand. Every room can be configured to allow a specific number of people, close at a certain time, and many more options.

Fast & Beautiful

Uplink Video is designed to be lightning fast and offer the best possible video quality that your device and connection can handle, all bundled up in a beautifully polished UI.

User Roles

Users can be assigned roles provided by your application, or they can claim them once they've entered a video chat room. 

API Everything

Everything you can do with Uplink Video is available over our API or the dashboard, so that your app can control everything.

Priced To Scale

Pay one flat fee for unlimited access to video chat rooms with up to four people, and by participant-minute for larger groups.

Polished video chat UI

We built video chat UI components so that you don't have to. We'll provide you with some code to copy and paste, and we handle the rest. You'll have a branded video chat embedded in your app or website that rivals the best available.

Coming Soon!

We're still working hard on Uplink, but it's not quite ready yet. Add your email below and we'll let you know when you can try out Uplink Video!